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The California Junior Holstein Association

includes 200 of California's finest Dairy Kids!


2016 National Holstein Convention Results

WOW!! Congratulations to the CA Juniors on your hardwork and success!!

National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team:
Jacob Fernandes(also 1st written exam score), Abbi Prins, Hayley Fernandes (also 3rd written exam score), Kylie Konyn

National Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team: Hannah Van Dyk, Hannah Mancebo, Siana Barrett, Mackenzie Elmer (also 3rd written exam score)

National Champion Senior Jeopardy:
Alexandra Gambonini

Also competing in Jeopardy were Lindsay Elmer & Karleen Lopez

2nd Place Junior Speech:
Kylie Konyn
Also competing in Speech was Bobby Marchy

Holstein USA News:

Your area Holstein USA reps:


Northern CA
Lacee Paulo: 559-212-1937


Southern CA

Katharine Correia: 559-303-5481


Click below for the latest updates from Holstein USA

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2017 CJHA Officers

President: Cort Rowley

Vice President: Hayley Fernandes

Secretary:  Sammie Gambonini

Treasurer: Clayton Arntz

Reporter: Kylie Konyn

Historian: Siana Barrett



Annual Summer Cow Camp

cow camp group 2011

Each summer, CJHA members gather for an exciting few days full of fun, games, friends and education. 

Click here to see more pictures!!

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Current Junior News

2016 State Holstein Convention

Congratulations to all of the Juniors who participated in this year's State Convention contests and competitions!
Scholarship recipients:

Cortney Borba Memorial-Brandon Almeida

Wilbur Gomes Memorial- Hannah Van Dyk

Milli Rollin Memorial- Bobby Marchy

 Earl Graham Memorial- Elisabeth Regusci

Founders'- Alex Gambonini, Brandon Almeida

World Wide Sires- Bobby Marchy, Kiara Gilardi, Derrick Nunes

Coldwell Solar- Kiara Gilardi, Derrick Nunes, Bobby Marchy

Named Breeder of the Future Boy & Girl were
Kylie Konyn and Billy Marchy

Dairy Bowl Contest
 Written Exam High Scores:
Novice Division:
1st Logan Silveira, 2nd-tie- Reese Renati & Mykel Mull, 3rd-tie- Gianni Fernandes & MacKenzie Herman, 4th Ava Davis, 5th-tie- Kassidy Bianchi, Sebastian Paolini, Jared van Loben Sels

1st Place Team- Redwood Empire- Kassidy Bianchi, Mackenzie Herman, Emma Stafford & Reese Renati

Junior Division: 1st Victoria Paolini, 2nd Jennifer Onsurez, 3rd Kaylie Vander Meulen, 4th-tie- Lindsay Elmer, Sammie Gambonini, Holly King, 5th-tie- Timothy Elmer, Emma van Loben Sels

1st Place Team- Merced  County-
Olivia Pacheco, Emma van Loben Sels, Rachel Mancebo,Victoria Paolini

Senior Division: 1st Hannah Mancebo, 2nd-tie- Hayley Fernandes, Kylie Konyn, 3rd Abbi Prins, 4th Mackenzie Elmer, 5th Kiara Gilardi

1st Place Team- South San Joaquin-
Kyler Amaral, Abbi Prins, Hayley Fernandes, Jacob Fernandes

Prepared Public Speaking Contest

Junior- 1st Place- Rachel Mancebo
2nd- Emma van Loben Sels

Intermediate- 1st Place- Kylie Konyn
 2nd- Alyssa Timoschuk

Senior- 1st Place- Bobby Marchy

Dairy Jeopardy Contest
Novice Division: 1st Reese Renati, 2nd Ava Davis, 3rd Mackenzie Herman, 4th- Mykel Mull, 5th Kassidy Bianchi

Junior Division: 1st Victoria Paolini, 2nd Lindsay Elmer, 3rd Jennifer De Vries, 4th Olivia Pacheco

Intermediate/Senior Division: 1st Hayley Fernandes, 2nd Abbi Prins, 3rd Mackenzie Elmer, 4th Kylie Konyn, 5th Hannah Mancebo, 6th Jennifer Onsurez

Folding Display Contest

Junior Division: 1st Scientific- Mykel Mull
1st Creative- Kiara Konyn
Intermediate Division: 1st Scientific- Billy Marchy
Senior Division: 1st Scientific- Bobby Marchy

Young Breeder of the Future
Kiara Konyn




We had an awesome Cow Camp the last weekend of July!  Thank you to the gracious hosts at Cal Poly- all of their faculty and students- for providing us educational & fun actvities.

Check out this link to more pictures of what this year's Cow Campers did!

We even got a clip on the local San Luis Obispo evening new.  Proud to promote the dairy industry and youth education! Watch it here



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