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Western Fall National Holstein Show
Held September 1 in Salem, OR with Pat Conroy officiating
The California Holstein Association is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this year's show
Congratulations to our CA exhibitors on their success!

Reserve Senior and Rsv Grand Champion, Grand Champion Junior Show
Gamlake Destry Sally (Aged Cow)
owned by Samantha Gambonini
Intermediate Champion
Ruann Doorman Jean 55162-ET (Sr. 2)
owned by Ruann Dairy

Grand Champion and Reserve Red & White Show
Miss Apple Aria-Red-ET (5 Year Old)
owned by Stephen & Patrick Maddox & Tyler Dickerhoof
Ruann D-B Shar 60985-Red (Milking Yearling)
owned by Ruann Dairy
Reserve Intermediate Champion Red & White Show
Mahoney-Rosa Lynn-Red (Jr. 3)
owned by Gabbie Gregorio

Junior Champion

Peticlerc Serena (Summer Yearling)
owned by Graisson & Garrett Schmidt & Ronald DeBoer

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
Gabz Defiant Reagan (Fall Calf)
owned by Gabbie Gregorio

Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Red & White Show
Emlo Absolute Jackpot-Red (Fall Calf)
owned by Kash-In, Summerlie, and Legacy
Ruann Dia Ama 75682-Red (Fall Calf)
owned by Ruann Dairy

Other highlights include:
3rd fall calf: Will-Tattoo Defiant Truly- Exels Holsteins
3rd summer yearling: Ruann Jacoby Peggy 73514- CCC VanderEk
2nd R&W fall calf: Midway Jordy Ariza- Connor Correia
1st R&W spring yearling:Vermehlia Ageless- Cal Poly
 2nd R&W spring yearling:Two-Rock Dmondback 5929- Hunter & Hayden McIsaac

3rd winter yearling: Sco-Lo-Coons Doorm 2256- Summer Parreira
1st milking yearling R&W and B&W:
2nd milking yearling: Ms Doorman Vixen- Exels Holsteins
1st Jr. 2: Ms Miracles Mykindagirl-ET- Ruann
2nd Jr. 2: Ms Exels Solomon Bella-ET- Exels Holsteins
1st R&W Sr. 2: Two-Rock Rager 5679-Red- Hunter & Hayden McIsaac
2nd Sr. 2: Ocean-View Sweat Sorrow- Exels Holstein
3rd Sr. 2: Ms Exels Doorman Bella-ET- Exels Hosteins
2nd Jr. 3: Mahoney-Rosa Lynn-Red- Gabbie Gregorio
3rd Jr. 3: Trent Valley Sid Ally- Case, Chloe, Chase VanderEyk
1st R&W and 2nd B&W Sr.3: Hol-Star Malo Roz-Red-ET- Connor Correia
3rd Sr. 3: Miss A2 Aqua-ET- Stephen & Patrick Maddox & Richard Denier
1st 4 year old: Bella-Rosa Believabl Pamela- Exels Holsteins
3rd 4 year old:Fern-Oak Meridian 24606-TW- Fernandes & Maddox

Western Spring National Show
Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at this year's show!
Winter Calf
1-Hammertime Brady Raelyn-ET, Cranehill Genetics and Matt & Lauren Evangelo
2-Vela-Novagen D Ember Spirit, L&L Pires
Fall Calf
3-Gabz Defiant Reagan, Gabbie Gregorio
4-Cobequid Doorman Solo, Mitchell Coleman
Summer Yearling
2-  Miss Petitclerc Serena, Graisson Schmidt
3- Ruann GW At Merla 73642-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox
Spring Yearling
3- Cranehill Dback Chloe-ET, Cranehill Genetics
Winter Yearling
1-Lorita Kingboy Holly, Mitchell Coleman
4- Giltex Dback Bianca, Gilbert Teixeira

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