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 AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award


This award is presented annually at the State Holstein Convention to a young CA breeder to recognize not only their accomplishments, but also their potential for a successful career in the Registered Holstein business.

Applications accepted throughout the year from members age 21-40.

AJ Quist Memorial Award APPLICATION

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Western Fall National Holstein Show
Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success August 31st in Salem, OR!
Pictures and complete placings on Cowsmo's website HERE

Grand Champion & Best Bred and Owned

Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET, 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Stephen & Patrick Maddox
Reserve Grand Champion
Ocean-View Sweet Sorrow, 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Van Exel & Pat Amarante
Reserve Senior Champion
Bella-Rosa Believable Pamela, 1st 5-Year-Old, Exels Holsteins
HM Senior Champion
APGambo Atwood Keenan, 2nd 5-Year-Old, A Gambonini,  G&M Schmidt, S&P Maddox
Junior Champion
Ruann Jest Kingpin-80236, 1st Spring Yearling, Stephen Maddox
HM Junior Champion
Exels Bankroll Ivy 23252, 1st Summer Yearling, Henry & Carolyn Van Exel

Reserve Grand Champion

Gamlake Mogul Judith, 3rd 5-Year-Old, Samantha Gambonini
HM Grand Champion
Ruann Wick Bonnie-63456-ET, 3rd junior 3-year-old, Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Grand Champion

Claquato Apple Turnover-Red, 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, G & M Schmidt & Eyks Holsteins
 Reserve Grand Champion
Ruann Avala Bonnie 65299-ET, 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Stephen & Patrick Maddox
HM Grand Champion
Mahoney Rosa-Lynn-Red-ET, 1st 4-Year-Old, Gabbie Gregorio
Reserve Junior Champion
Gabz Applecrisp Emersyn Red,1st Spring Calf, Gabbie Gregorio
HM Junior Champion
MS Unstopabull Beauty-In-Red, 2nd Spring Calf, Stephen Maddox

 Grand Champion

Mahoney Rosa-Lynn-Red-ET, 1st 4-Year-Old, Gabbie Gregorio
Reserve Grand Champion
Nehls-Valley Ribbon Red-ET, 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk
HM Grand Champion
Two-rock Ranger 5679-Red, 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Hayden & Hunter McIsaac
Reserve Junior Champion
Gabz Applecrisp Emersyn Red,1st Spring Calf, Gabbie Gregorio

CA State Fair
Held July 23 in Sacramento, with Sean Johnson from PA as judge.  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of all class placing and video of champion selections.  PC below headshots - Show Photo by Katina

Grand Champion:
Ms Exels Doorman Bella (Senior 3)
exhibited by Exels Holsteins

Reserve Grand Champion:
Roll-N-View Bradnick EMV (Senior 3)
exhibited by Donavan Miguel

Grand Champion Junior Show
T&R Azevedo Nikita Jenkins (Aged Cow)
exhibited by Aidan Azevedo

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show
Borderview-PV Crsh Beth (Senior 2)
exhibited by Matthew Pacheco

Junior Champion
Budjon-Abbott Ava Amanda-ET (Fall Calf)
exhibited by Almeida, Branco, and F&D Borba

Reserve Junior Champion
Exels Bankroll Ivy (Summer Yearling)
exhibited by Exels Holsteins

Junior Champion Junior Show
Andreanne Avalanche Alana-ET(winter yearling)
exhibited by Matthew Pacheco

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
Ruann JL Beemer Merla-ET(junior yearling)
exhibited by Matthew Pacheco

State Holstein Show
Held April 18-19 in Turlock, with Mike Duckett officiating.
Please follow this link to online coverage of placings and pictures.

To the South San Joaquin Club for hosting an outstanding State Convention!

Congratulations to the recipients of two prestigious awards at our annual Senior Banquet

Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year
Ken Melvold

A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year

Mike Santos

State Convention Sale
 Held February 14, and graciuosly hosted by VanderEyk Dairy in Pixley.
 The sale averaged $3,800 on 49 lots.

High Seller: Vanden-Berge Wetnjuicy-ET, a 10/18 Juicy daughter with genomics of +2847G +957NM +3.4DPR +1.17T. Her dam is a +2640 Jedi then three VG dams all with records over 30,000 lbs. She was consigned by Curtis Vanden Berge and purchased for $22,000 by ST Genetics.

2nd High was Lot 13- Calori-D Crs Kngryl May-ET, a 1/18 King Royal with genomics +2731G +846NM +3.5DPR +2.07T. She also sold with 10 #1 Enforce embryos. Her dam is a VG-87 3Y Yoder (+2578G) then S-S-I Supersire Miri 8679-ET (EX-90 DOM), Global Cow of the Year Finalist 2016 & 2017. Next 10 dams are all VG & EX from the Manat Mirage family. She was consigned by Calori-D Holsteins, CA, and purchased by Curtis Vanden Berge, CA, for $8300.

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