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 AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award


This award is presented annually at the State Holstein Convention to a young CA breeder to recognize not only their accomplishments, but also their potential for a successful career in the Registered Holstein business.

Applications accepted throughout the year from members age 21-40.

AJ Quist Memorial Award APPLICATION

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Northern CA
Lacee Paulo: 559-212-1937


Southern CA

Katharine Correia: 559-303-5481


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Local Area Clubs:

Redwood Empire

President Tony Neles

Central Valley

President Justin Borges


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President James Davis


President Stephen Maddox, Jr.

South San Joaquin

President Matthew Evangelo


Important News

Dairy Industry Lunch
Join us for an exciting presentation Friday, January 27th at the Fresno Doubletree Hotel as part of the State Convention events

Ruann Genetics First Edition Tag Sale
Will be held January 26-28 at Maddox Dairy in Riverdale


2017 CA State Convention Sale
January 26 ~ 4:00 pm ~ Maddox Dairy in Riverdale


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We invite you to join us for this year's State Holstein Convention!

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* please note that registration is due January 9*

Nominating Committee Letter

World Dairy Expo
Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at the 50th anniversary World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI the first week of October!

**Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo Junior Shows**
Silvermaple Windham Camille, exhibited by Christian Cunningham & Miles Price
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Intermediate and Grand Champion Junior Holstein Show

Top 10 Placings in the International Holstein Show
2nd Fall Calf:Sicy Doorman Brie~Weeksdale, Lookout, Hi-Calibre, Frank & Diane Borba, Purple Fever
3rd: Pappys Doorman Rousey-ET~ C&J Hill, F&D Borba, F Connelly Jr.
5th: Winright Goldwyn Eldorado-ET~ R&S Allyn, Cantelli, Borba, Hovden
6th: Lindale Doorman Karolyn~ N&D Johnson, G Schmidt, M Brazil
3rd Summer Yearling: Ms Sid Leapfrog~ R&S Allyn, Borba, Hovden, Steinlage
5th Winter Yearling: Cross-Wake Mor Annalyse-ET~ S&P Maddox, G Schmidt, M Brazil
2nd Junior 2 Year Old: Idee Windbrook Lynzi~ JM Valley, Allyndale, Jendro, F&D Borba
1st 5 Year Old: Weeksdale Judges Harmony~ Glamourview, F&D Borba, Weeks
4th: Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET~ Woodmansee, Abbott, Van Exel, Budjon, Vail
10th: Meadowgreen Abso Fanny-Red-ET~ Triple-T, T&L, Berry, F&D Borba, F&C Borba

International Red & White Holstein Show
9th Spring Calf: Valleyriver Redmn Munchkin-Red~ Exels Holsteins
7th Fall Yearling: Ms Barb Act Beauty-Red-ET~ Franchise & Crazy Chaos
1st Junior 3 Year Old: Blondin Lad Wonderwoman-Red-ET~ F&D Borba, F&C Borba
7th 4 Year Old: Canyon Breeze R Dew-Red~ Giltex Holsteins, F&D Borba
8th (2nd Jr) 5 Year Old: Elmbridge Abslte Rhonda-Red-ET~ Donavan Miguel

International Junior Holstein Show
7th Spring Yearling: Calori-D RS Armani Rylee~ M,M,M Price & Christian Cunningham
5th Jr 2 Year Old: R-John Atwood Adrianna~ Christian Cunningham
4th Jr 3 Year Old: Ms Deb Sid Diva-ET~ Brandon Almeida


2016 California State Fair

The Holstein Show took place on August, 21, with Dean Dohle as judge.  Thank you to Siana Barrett for providing photos!

Grand Champion: Mi-Sha Dudee Molly- Aged Cow, ehxibited by Airosa Dairy
Reserve Grand Champion: Zehrview Atwood Dess- 4 Year Old, exhibited by Exels Holsteins

Junior Show Grand Champion
Gamlake Destry Sallie- 4 Year Old, exhibited by Samantha Gambonini

Open Show Junior Champion
Robin-Hood-MPH Eagle Eye- Fall Yearling, exhibited by Heidi Omlin
Reserve Junior Champion
 Will-Tattoo Topsecret- Spring Yearling, exhibited by Exels Holsteins

2016 CA Holstein News annual magazine available online HERE!

2016 National Holstein Convention
A huge congratulations to our juniors on their success in contests at this year's convention!
National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Jacob Fernandes,
Abbi Prins, coach Kirsten Areias, Hayley Fernandes, Kylie Konyn

National Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team
Hannah Van Dyk, Hannah Mancebo, coach Kirsten Areias, Siana Barrett, Mackenzie Elmer

National Champion Senior Dairy Jeopardy
Alexandra Gambonini

2016 California State Holstein Show

Held at the Turlock Fairgrounds on April 21st & 22nd, with Pierre Boulet officiating. 
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors on a tremendous show! 
Pictures and placings from each class can be found at

Junior Champion
Calori-D RS Armani Rylee, spring yearling, Stephen & Rebekah Mast
Reserve Junior Champion
Echo-Glen GD Macy, fall yearling, Brandon Almeida

Junior Champion Junior Show Brock Jarrett Toledo Memorial Award
Echo-Glen GD Macy, fall yearling, Brandon Almeida
Reserve Junior Champion
Ms Giltex Atwood Candi, summer yearling, Gianni Cozzitorto

Intermediate Champion

Golden Oaks Hero Crane, Jr 2, Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba
Reserve Intermediate Champion
 Enfuego Cont Rosabel-Red, Senior 3, Exels Holsteins

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Ms Giltex Satchel-P Bam, Senior 2, Gabbie Gregario
Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show, and Best Bred & Owned: Gamlake Beau Shannon, Senior 2, Samantha Gambonini

Senior Champion Open Show
Coredale Alloy Everlynne, 4 Year Old, L&L Pires Dairy and Daniel Martin
Reserve Senior Champion Open Show
Ms Crescentmead Danie, Aged cow, Brandon Almeida

Senior Champion Junior Show:
Ms Crescentmead Danie, Aged cow, Brandon Almeida
Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show:
Airosa Major 1537, 4 Year Old, Cort James Rowley

Grand Champion Junior Show Cortney Borba Memorial Award
Ms Crescentmead Danie, Aged cow, Brandon Almeida
Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show
Ms Giltex Satchel-P Bam, Senior 2, Gabbie Gregario

Grand Champion Open Show
Golden Oaks Hero Crane, Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba
Reserve Grand Champion Open Show:
Coredale Alloy Everlynne, L&L Pires Dairy and Daniel Martin

Best Bred & Owned of Show: Air-Osa Redbull 12417 (Aged Cow), Air-Osa Dairy
1st Senior Best 3 Females: Airosa Dairy
Premier Breeder: Ruann Dairy
Premier Exhibitor:
Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba
Herdsmanship Award: 
Ruann Dairy

42nd Annual California Holstein Futurity

1st place: BBM Atwood Lizzie, Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba
2nd Place: Will-Tattoo Windbrook Tia, Exels Holsteins
3rd Place: Ruann Barnie Ama 20888-Red, Ruann Dairy

2016 California State Red & White Show

Junior Champion Red & White Show
Leemode Trak Rainey-Red, Spring yearling, Hartley Silva
Reserve Junior Champion Red & White Show
 Vermehlia Contina-Red, Fall calf, Cranehill Genetics

Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion

Enfuego Cont Rosabel-Red, Senior 3, Exels Holsteins
Reserve Intermediate Champion and Best Bred & Owned
Mel-Tina Action Lacy-Red, Junior 2, Robert Teixeira & Melvin Lee Medeiros

Senior Champion Red & White Show

Inspiracres Dstry Happy-Red,5 Year Old, F & D Borba, F & C Borba
Reserve Senior Champion Red & White Show
Bossir Absolute Fancy-Red, Jacob Locke

2016 State Holstein Convention
The convention was graciously hosted by the Stanislaus County Holstein Breeders Club
January 28-30 in Modesto. Thank you to all of the sponsors who helped make the event a success! (Click below for sign)

During the Annual Banquet, two prestigious awards were presented to members:
Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year Award

Steve and Pat Maddox of Ruann & Maddox Dairies,
with Matilda Maddox and presenter Bill Genasci

A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award

Manuel Silveira, III with wife Nelia, children Xavier & Natalie, and presenter Marc Coleman

Welcome new Holstein USA rep for Northern CA!
Lacee Paulo of Hanford is the new Regional Sales Representative for Holstein USA in Northern CA and Nevada.  Lacee brings a wide range of business and dairy experience to the Association.  She is a graduate of Cal Poly and was previously a small business account manager at Mackey and Mackey Insurance Agency in Hanford, California, and a summer intern for World Wide Sires.
She is looking forward to getting out to all the dairies in her area and getting to know and assisting our members. You can contact Lacee at 559.212.1937.

Welcome to our new Southern CA Holstein USA representative, Katharine Correia
Katharine is originally from Tulare, and has 7 years experience working for Agritech prior to joining Holstein USA.  Katharine will be visiting herds in your area in the near future, and looks forward to meeting everyone.
She can be reached at:                 559-303-5481     

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