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 AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award


This award is presented annually at the State Holstein Convention to a young CA breeder to recognize not only their accomplishments, but also their potential for a successful career in the Registered Holstein business.

Applications accepted throughout the year from members age 21-40.

AJ Quist Memorial Award APPLICATION

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Mark your calendars for another great sale this spring!
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State Convention

Sale catalog now available online! HERE
Check out this outstanding line up offering something for everyone.  Join us on Friday January 24, or contact a member of the sales staff to find the best addition to your herd!

Exciting event in conjunction with convention! For more info & registration, visit

Host Merced County Holstein Club invites you to San Luis Obispo!
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Nominating Committee Letter


2019 Klussendorf Award Recipient
Ken Melvold
(PC Todd Garret, Hoard's Art Director)


to these CA exhibitors on their top 10 placings in the WDE Holstein shows:
International Holstein Show

Reserve Senior & reserve Grand Champion!

1st 5 Year Old: Oakfield GC Darby-ET- Trent Valley, T&L Cattle LTD., Mell and Borba
reserve junior Champion!
1st Winter Calf: Blexys Crush Budweiser-ET- Budjon, Vail, Abbot, Van Exel & Woodmansee

Fall Calf: 2nd- Crystal-Star Avlnch Cali-ET- M Hawbaker, MB Lucky Lady Farms & B Almeida

10th- Budjon-Abbott Ava Amanda-ET- MB Lucky Lady Farms
Summer Yearling : 5th- Sun-Made Larions Crayon- Enright, Liberty, Borba, Almeida
10. Budjon-Vail Halleluia-ET- Christian Cunningham
Summer Jr 2: 1st- Sweetview Dempsey Hurryup- Lookout, F & D Borba and Sweetview
9th- Miss Petitclerc Serena- Graisson Schmidt, Garrett Schmidt and Ronald Deboer
Senior 2:1st- Golden-Oaks Sid Chrome-ET- M, M & M Price and C Cunningham
5th Lellavan Avalanche Fuji- B Almeida, and F,C,A,L,J & H Borba
Senior 3: 3rd and BB&O- Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET- Stephen & Patrick Maddox
8th- Ms Exels Doorman Bella-ET- Henry & Carolyn Exel
10th- Lookout Sid Voodoo- Lookout, F & D Borba, A Garland and A McKinven
4 Year Old: 2nd- Mapleley Goldwyn Julia- Lookout, G Todd, F & D Borba & Elite Haven
    5 Year Old: 6th- Gamblin Armani Glade- MB Lucky Lady, D Hoveden and Rosedale Genetics

7th- Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn-P- M, M & M Price and C Cunningham
Aged Cow:6th Webb View Lady Bell Wildthing- Fraley, Borba and Cannon

International Red & White Show

Spring Calves:4th- OCD Jordy Radiant-Red-ET- Crazy Chaos Syndicate

7th- MS Unstopabull Beauty-In-Red- Maddox, Schmidt, T&L Cattle Co., Berry
Fall Calf: 2nd- Ms DB Inifinity-Red- Hill, Topp, Umbel, Borba
Fall Yearling:1st- MD Hillbrook Instagram-Red- Hill, Borba, Umbel
Jr 2 Year Old: 4th- Glaustar Jacot Majesty-Red- Lookout, Glaustar, F & D Borba & A Fraley
5th- Claquato Apple Tu
rnover-Red- Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Eyks Holsteins
Senior 2 Year Old:5th (B&O)- Ruann D-B Shar-60985-Red-ET-Stephen & Patrick Maddox
Jr 3 Year Old:
5th (2nd Jr)- Nehls Valley Ribbon-Red- Casey & Chloe Vandereyk
4 Year Old: 3rd- Ms Barb Act Beauty-Red-ET- Maddox, Schmidt, T & L Cattle Co., & Berry
1. Miss Apple Aria-Red-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox and Tyler Dickerhoof

International Junior Show

Christian Cunningham- Senior & Grand Champion!
1st 5 Year Old- Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn, owned with M,M & M Price
 4th Spring Yearling- Budjon-Vail Halleluia-ET
3rd Senior 2 -Golden-Oaks Sid Chrome-ET, owned with M, M & M Price

Matthew Pacheco-  5th Fall Calf- Cobequid Ally Opp

State Holstein Show
Held April 18-19 in Turlock, with Mike Duckett officiating.
Please follow this link to online coverage of placings and pictures.

To the South San Joaquin Club for hosting an outstanding State Convention!

Congratulations to the recipients of two prestigious awards at our annual Senior Banquet

Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year
Ken Melvold

A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year

Mike Santos

State Convention Sale
 Held February 14, and graciuosly hosted by VanderEyk Dairy in Pixley.
 The sale averaged $3,800 on 49 lots.

High Seller: Vanden-Berge Wetnjuicy-ET, a 10/18 Juicy daughter with genomics of +2847G +957NM +3.4DPR +1.17T. Her dam is a +2640 Jedi then three VG dams all with records over 30,000 lbs. She was consigned by Curtis Vanden Berge and purchased for $22,000 by ST Genetics.

2nd High was Lot 13- Calori-D Crs Kngryl May-ET, a 1/18 King Royal with genomics +2731G +846NM +3.5DPR +2.07T. She also sold with 10 #1 Enforce embryos. Her dam is a VG-87 3Y Yoder (+2578G) then S-S-I Supersire Miri 8679-ET (EX-90 DOM), Global Cow of the Year Finalist 2016 & 2017. Next 10 dams are all VG & EX from the Manat Mirage family. She was consigned by Calori-D Holsteins, CA, and purchased by Curtis Vanden Berge, CA, for $8300.

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