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 AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award


This award is presented annually at the State Holstein Convention to a young CA breeder to recognize not only their accomplishments, but also their potential for a successful career in the Registered Holstein business.

Applications accepted throughout the year from members age 21-40.

AJ Quist Memorial Award APPLICATION

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Important News

2015 Western Spring National Show
Congratulations to these CA exhibitors on their success at the recent show,
held in Richmond, UT May 14-15!

Senior and Grand Champion. Best Bred & Owned, Best Udder
Ms Giltex Sanchez Liz (4 Year Old), Giltex Holsteins & Ken Melvold
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion
Airosa Redbull 12417 (Aged Cow), Airosa Dairy
Intermediate Champion
Dinomi GChip May 9609 (Senior 2) Gilbert Teixeira & Nate Goldenburg

Intermediate & Grand Champion R&W Show
Canyon-Breeze R Dew (Senior3), Gilbert Teixeira and Frank & Diane Borba
Reserve Junior Champion R&W Show
Lake-Breeze Act Dee (Spring Yearling), Mandy Brazil

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show

K-Giltex Chinook Ivory (4 Year Old), Brandon Almeida
Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Ms Deb Sid Diva (Junior 2), Brandon Almedia
Junior Champion Junior Show
Camphols Atwood Ladysqueen, (Fall Calf) Destinee Leonardo

More top placings:
1st Senior Best 3- Airosa Dairy
Junior 3 Year Old: 1st- Airosa Guthrie 16069, Airosa Dairy
Senior 3 Year Old: 1st- Airosa Guthrie 15494; 2nd- Airosa Monster 15455, both Airosa Dairy
Fall Yearling: 2nd- Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind, Teixeira, Esau, Winters
Summer Yearling: 4th- Morsan Goldsun Droinda 1771, Exels Holsteins;
5th- Ms Cranehill Destiny, Grace Wilbur
Red & White Fall Calf: 1st and Junior Champion R&W Junior Show-
Giltex Bonnie, Gianni Cozzitorto
R&W Junior 2: 2nd- Eskdale Burst Dusty, Ken Melvod & Howard Binder

2015 California Holstein News Annual Magazine
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2015 California State Holstein Show

Held at the Turlock Fairgrounds on April 23rd & 24th, with Mike Berry officiating. 
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors on a tremendous show! 
All pictures and placings provided by HolsteinWorld can be found on

Thank you to all of the generous sponsors who made our event possible!

Junior Champion Open Show:   Mosnang Defiant Whirlwind (Fall Yearling),
Gilbert Teixeira, Don Esau & Kevin Winters
Reserve Junior Champion:
Camphols Atwood Ladys Queen (Fall Calf) Destinee Leonardo

Junior Champion Junior Show Brock Jarrett Toledo Memorial Award:
Camphols Atwood Ladys Queen (Fall Calf) Destinee Leonardo
Reserve Junior Champion: Mel-Tina Attitude Zappy (Winter Yearling) Anthony Pacheco

Intermediate Champion:
Zehrview Atwood Dess (Sr. 3) Exels Holsteins & Dominic Agresti-Assali
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Claquato-RHCB Let It Sno-ET (Sr. 3)
Frank & Carol and Frank & Diane Borba

Intermediate and Grand Champion Champion Junior Show Cortney Borba Memorial Award:
 Ms T&R Azevedo Rush Delight (Sr.3) Avery Martin
Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show:Corredale Alloy Evelyne (Jr.3) Destinee Leonardo

Senior and Grand Champion Open Show, Best Bred & Owned & Best Udder of Show:
Air-Osa Redbull 12417 (Aged Cow), Air-Osa Dairy
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Open Show:
Exels Sanchez Alice-ET (5 Yr Old) Exels Holsteins

Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show:
Terrilinda Darren Hallie (4 Year Old) Tony Garcia, Jr.
Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show:
Nabholz Dundee Sally (125,000 lb) Christian Cunningham

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor, 1st Best 3 Females: Airosa Dairy

41st Annual California Holstein Futurity

1st place: Air-Osa Guthrie 15494, Airosa Dairy
2nd Place: FDB Guthrie Donnetta, FDB Holsteins
3rd Place: Ruann Charity 10946-Red, Ruann Dairy

2015 California State Red & White Show

Junior Champion Red & White Show: Ms Exels Malone Rio-Red (Winter Calf) Exels Holsteins
Reserve Junior Champion Red & White Show: Lovhill Armani Red Rummy-Red
Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba

Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion:
Canyon-Breeze R Dew-Red (Sr. 3)
Gilbert Teixeira and Frank & Diane Borba
Reserve Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion : Calori-D Ladd Lulu P-Red (Sr. 2) Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba and T&L Cattle

Senior Champion Red & White Show:

Inspiracres Dstry Happy-Red (4 Year Old) Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
Reserve Senior Champion Red & White Show:
KHW Kite Advent Orchid- Red (Aged Cow) Exels Holsteins

Brock Jarrett Toledo Scholarship
Hanna Van Dyk, a Tulare Western High School graduating senior has been selected as the 2015 recipient of the Brock Jarrett Toledo Scholarship.  Hannah is the daughter of Chris and Jolene Van Dyk from Tulare.  She will be attending Virgiania Polytechnic & State University with a major in Dairy Science.  As a member of 4-H for 5 years and Tulare Western FFA for 4 years, Hannah started her own dairy project with one dairy heifer and currently manages her own herd of 22 registered Holsteins. She has served as FFA Historian and Treasurer and participated on the Diary Cattle Show Team, Dairy Cattle Judging Team and the Creed, Public and Extemporaneous Speaking teams.  She played 4 years of Water Polo and maintained a 4.2 grade point average.  Outside of school Hannah is very active in the South San Joaquin Jr. Holstein Association.  She is serving as the 2015 President and has been a Dairy Knowledge Quiz Bowl, Dairy jeopardy and Public Speaking Team member on the state and national levels.
 She is currently representing the dairy industry as the District 9 Dairy Princess.
This scholarship was established by the Toledo family in memory of their son Brock who died in February 1996.  It is awarded annually to a graduating senior who shares Brock's enthusiasm for
 4-H, agriculture and the love of livestock and the dairy industry.

Congratulations to all of the youth exhibitors at this year's Western Classic Junior Show, held in Hanford February 28-March 1, with Roget Turner officiating. 
Thank you to show coordinators for an outstanding event!  116 registered Holsteins were shown, as well as 63 grade Holsteins, 63 registered AOB, and 38 grade AOB- for a total of 280 animals from 155 exhibitors. Thank you to Lauren Evangelo for report and pictures.

Junior Champion - Intense Lauthority Royale-ET exhibited by Destinee Leonardo
Reserve Junior Champion - Oakfield AS Limoncello - ET exhibited by Casey Vander Eyk

Grand & Senior Champion - T & R Azevedo Baxter Boss Lady exhibited by Avery Martin
Reserve Grand & Rsv Senior Champion - Coredale Alloy Evelyne exhibited by J.T. Leonardo

Novice Division (17 Participants)
1st Place: Kyleigh Foster, Bakersfield; 2nd: Jamee Lindahl, Visalia; 3rd: Isabella Mello, Hanford
Junior Division (21 Participants)
1st Place: Bill Marchy, Modesto; 2nd:  Audrey Glynn, Hanford; 3rd: Jenna Searcy-Scott, Hanford
Intermediate Division (36 Participants)
1st Place: Lantz Adams, Laton; 2nd: Cort Rowley, Visalia; 3rd Place: Gabbie Gregerio, Acampo
Senior Division (38 Participants)
1st Place: Brandon Almeida, Hilmar; 2nd: Jason Edwards, Hilmar; 3rd: Regina Pozzi, Petaluma

Welcome to our new Southern CA Holstein USA representative, Katharine Correia
Katharine is originally from Tulare, and has 7 years experience working for Agritech
prior to joining Holstein USA.  Katharine will be visiting herds in your area in the near future, and looks forward to meeting everyone.
She can be reached at:                 559-303-5481     

2015 California State Holstein Convention
Thank you to the Central Valley Holstein Club for hosting a fun-filled State Convention
in Stockton in January.
Congratulations to Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year Award recipients
Frank & Carol Borba ~ FDB Holsteins

Congratulations to A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award recipient

Lindsey Nunes

 State Convention Sale
The State Sale was held as part of Host Night, taking place at the Stockton Arena- home of the Stockton Thunder ice hockey team.  The dinner and video sale was held upstairs, and attendees were able to skate in the rink as part of the evening.
The sale averaged $4300 on 31 lots.
Top seller at $9600 was Lot 1 – a choice of Sympaticos from All-American Ms Candy Apple-Red (EX-94)! Pictured left to right are: Frank and Carol Borba and Frank and Diane Borba, consignors, Adam and Lacey Van Exel, sale chairmen, and center, Madison Van Exel, representing Richie Heida, buyer

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:
2nd high seller at $7200 was lot 31- Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94)  

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Lot 31: Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz – 12/13 Shottle x VG-86 VG-MS 2Y Alexander x EX-91 Allen x Nelsons Estimate Liz (2E-94) – $7200

- See more at:

Western Classic Junior Dairy Show

World Dairy Expo 2014

Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at WDE!

Klussendorf Memorial Award
Gilbert Teixeira recieved this prestigious award- the highest recognition given to a dairy showperson in the United States- recognizing ability, sportsmanship, and character.

*photo by Ryan Ebert, Hoard's Dairyman

International Junior Holstein Show
Fall Calf

8. Eastwest LJ Destry McIntosh-ET; Alana McKinven, Amelie & Charlotte Borba
Senior 2 Year Old
7. Butlerview Gold Bailey; Christian Cunningham
Junior 3 Year Old
6-R-John Atwood Aspire; Christian Cunningham

International Red & White Show
Summer Yearl
1. Our-Favorite Rlner Truth-Red; Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
Senior 2 Year Old
3. Canyon-Breeze R Dew-Red; Gil-Tex Holsteins, Frank & Diane Borba
2. Critter-Ridge Reba-Red; Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
5. Pualo-Bro SP Shari-Red; Christian Cunningham

International Holstein Show
Winter Calf

10. MsAriannas Door Abbie; Borba, Borba & Durrer
Summer Yearling
2. Comestar Hodree Goldwyn-ET; Triple-T, Heath, Van Exel
Spring Yearling
2. Budjon Advn Awakening; Frank & Diane Borba, Budjon, Vail
9. Hez Goldchip Hillary; Amanda Kennedy, Frank & Diane Borba

Winter Yearling
2. Wabash Way Braxton Twinkle; Hill, Frank & Diane Borba, George Morasci
Junior 2 Year Old
10. Ladies-Run Katalina; Teixeira, Branco, Almeida, Binder
4 Year Old
8. BVK Atwood Arianna; Butler, Borba, Ponderosa

Thank you to our
Sponsors of the Wine & Cheese Social at World Dairy Expo
Gil-Tex Holsteins, Hilmar Cheese Company, Ruann Dairy

Congratulations to the Juniors who represented CA
at the National Holstein Convention in various contests

National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team:
Macey Pearson, Hayden Costa, Hannah Mancebo, Siana Barrett
National Reserve Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team:
Kiara Gilardi, Bailey Allen, Hannah Van Dyk, Frankie Gambonini
1st Place Junior Dairy Jeopardy- Hayley Fernandes
Jeopardy Contestants:
Jacob Fernandes, Clayton Arntz, Alex Gambonini, Ellorine Carle,
Colleen Allen, Rachel Mancebo, Luke Van Dyk

The California Holstein Association's
2nd Annual Golf Tournament
took place on Thursday, June 19th at Rancho Del Rey Golf Course in Atwater. 
Industry friends all enjoyed this fun event, thank you for your support!

is an organization that matches international trainees with host families in a wide variety of agricultural operations. They currently have a large demand from young people ages 18-30 who would like to come and work on Holstein dairies specifically in California.
Read more about hosting , and informational brochure

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