2016 Junior Archive

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2016 National Holstein Convention
A huge congratulations to our juniors on their success in contests at this year's convention!

National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Jacob Fernandes,
Abbi Prins, coach Kirsten Areias, Hayley Fernandes, Kylie Konyn

National Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team
Hannah Van Dyk, Hannah Mancebo, coach Kirsten Areias, Siana Barrett, Mackenzie Elmer

National Champion Senior Dairy Jeopardy
Alexandra Gambonini

2016 State Junior Holstein Show

Showmanship Contest
Overall Fit & Show Champion: Cort Rowley

Senior Division Showmanship

1- Caitlin Lopes, 2- Cort Rowley, 3- Regina Pozzi
4- Carly Olufs, 5- Alexandra Gambonini

Senior Division Fitting
1- Alexandra Gambonini, 2- Cort Rowley, 3- Carly Olufs,
4- Caitlin Lopes, 5- Regina Pozzi

Intermediate Division Showmanship

1- Aspen Silva, 2- Sierra Omlin, 3- Billy Marchy
4- Evan Garcia, 5- David Edwards

Junior Division Showmanship

1- Gianni Cozzitorto, 2- Mackenzie Herman, 3- Jon Chapman
4- Rikki Adams, 5- Carl Mendes


2016 State Holstein Convention

Congratulations to all of the Juniors who participated in this year's State Convention contests and competitions!
Scholarship recipients:

Cortney Borba Memorial-Elise & Elisabeth Regusci

Wilbur Gomes Memorial- Alex Gambonini

Milli Rollin Memorial- Tony Lopes & Hannah Van Dyk

World Wide Sires & Earl Graham Memorial-
Brandon Almeida

Founders' Scholarships- Hannah Young & Carly Olufs

Named Breeder of the Future Boy & Girl were
Clayton Arntz and Hannah Mancebo

Dairy Bowl Contest
 Written Exam High Scores:
Novice Division:
1st Joey Spina, 2nd Jon Chapman, 3rd Reese Renati, Lindsay Elmer, Olivia Pacheco, 4th Jared Van Loben Sels, 5th Matty Spina

1st Place Team- Merced- Jon Chapman, Olivia Pacheco, Matthew Pacheco, Kiara Konyn

Junior Division: 1st Kylie Konyn, 2nd Jacob Fernandes, 3rd Hayley Fernandes, 4th Max Van Beek, 5th Jennifer Onsurez

1st Place Team- South San Joaquin-
Hayley Fernandes, Jacob Fernandes, Abbi Prins

Senior Division: 1st Mackenzie Elmer,2nd Hannah Mancebo, Kiara Gilardi,3rd Hayden Costa,4th Siana Barrett,
5th Karleen Lopez

1st Place Team- Merced- Hannah Mancebo,Siana Barrett, Karleen Lopez

Prepared Public Speaking Contest
Novice- 1st Place- Jon Chapman
Junior- 1st Place- Kylie Konyn, 2nd- Cameron Harding,
3rd tie- Victoria Paolini & Joey Spina

Intermediate- 1st Place- Abbi Prins, 2nd- Bobby Marchy,
3rd- Carly Olufs, 4th- David Edwards

Dairy Jeopardy Contest
Novice Division: 1st Matty Spina, 2nd -tie-Jared Van Loben Sels, Matthew Pacheco, Reese Renati
Junior Division: 1st Jacob Fernandes, 2nd Max Van Beek,
3rd Kylie Konyn, 4th Lindsay Elmer, 5th Billy Marchy

Intermediate Division: 1st MacKenzie Elmer, 2nd Kiara Gilardi, 3rd Hayden Costa
Senior Division: 1st Alex Gambonini

Folding Display Contest

Junior Division: 1st Evie Reidman, 2nd Konrad Reidman,
3rd Billy Marchy
Intermediate Division: 1st Siana Barrett, 2nd Bobby Marchy,
3rd Cole Marchy

Breeder of the Future
Clayton Arntz and Hannah Mancebo

Young Breeders of the Future
Jon Chapman and Emma Van Loben Sels







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