2015 Junior Archive

2015 National Holstein Convention

Congratulations to our junior members who travelled to Illinois in June to represent CA in the various competitions!

Written Exam
Junior Division : 1st Siana Barrett, 2nd MacKenzie Elmer,
3rd Hayley Fernandes
Senior Division: 1st Alex Gambonini
Senior Dairy Bowl Team
Hannah Van Dyk, Hannah Young, Kiara Gilardi, Karleen Lopez
Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Hayley Fernandes, Jacob Fernandes,
Abbi Prins, MacKenzie Elmer
Dairy Jeopardy Contest
2nd Place Junior Division -Siana Barrett
3rd Place Intermediate Division- Alex Gambonini
also competing were Kylie Konyn and Hannah Mancebo
Prepared Public Speech Contest
3rd Place Junior Division- Jacob Fernandes

2015 CA State Holstein Show

Youth Showmanship and Fitting Contest
Congratulations to all of the kids who participiated in the showmanship contest this year at the State Show!
Advanced Division (age 16+) 10 contestants
1st- Regina Pozzi, 2nd- Carly Olufs, 3rd- Donovan Miguel,
4th- Stephen Pozzi, 5th- Jason Edwards
Intermediate Division (age 13-15) 9 contestants
1st- Cort Rowley, 2nd- Aspen Silva, 3rd- Grace wilbut,
4th- Alyssa Timoshuk, 5th- Gabbie Gregario
Junior Division (age 9-12) 8 contestants
1st- Kylie Konyn, 2nd- Hartley Silva, 3rd- Billy Marchy,
 4th- Michael Alamo, 5th- Samantha Gambonini

2015 CA State Holstein Convention Results

California Junior Holstein members had a great time at the 2014 State Holstein Convention, hosted by the Central Valley Holstein Club January 29-30 in Stockton.
* Convention started off on Thursday with interviews for numerous scholarships, and the Breeder of the Future Awards, followed by the Prepared Public Speaking Contest, dairy bowl written exam and business meeting.
* Thursday evening Host Night took place at the Stockton Arena, where we enjoyed ice skating and the video sale.
* Friday featured the competitive Dairy Bowl Contest, with contestants representing Merced County Holstein Club, Redwood Empire Holstein Club, South San Joaquin Holstein Club, San Diego County, and Stanislaus County.  Dairy Jeopardy competition was also held on Friday afternoon.
*Saturday concluded the convention an Awards Ceremony

The following scholarships and awards were presented at the Annual Senior Banquet on Friday evening, recognizing outstanding Junior Members:


Cortney Borba Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Van Dyk


Milli Rollin Memorial Scholarship

 Deena Migliazzo


Earl Graham Memorial Scholarship

Tony Lopes


Wilbur Gomes Memorial Scholarship

Frankie Gambonini


Founder's Scholarships:

Tony Lopes, Hannah Van Dyk


World Wide Sires Scholarships:

Alex Gambonini, Elise Regusci,
 Elisabeth Regusci, Hannah Van Dyk


Breeder of the Future Girl: Hayley Fernandes

Breeder of the Future Boy: Cort Rowley

At the Junior Awards ceremony, numerous awards and contest winners were presented. 

Premier Junior  Scholarship
Corinne Sherman
Dairy Bowl Scholarships
Alex Gambonini, Elise Regusci,
 Elisabeth Regusci, Hannah Van Dyk
Premier Junior Scholarship
Allison Sherman

Herd Achievement Awards:

Lifetime Production Award: cow owned by Frankie Gambonini
Progressive Breeder Stars: Alex Gambonini (2), Hannah Van Dyk (2), Samantha Gambonini
30,000 lb. Cow Award: Samantha Gambonini
Junior Breeder of an Excellent: Hannah Van Dyk

Young Breeder of the Future Girl: Kylie Konyn
Young Breeder of the Future Boy: Jacob Fernandes


Speech Contest Winners:

 Intermediate Division
1st Place: Hayley Fernandes, 2nd: Connie Jones
  Junior Division
1st Place: Jacob Fernandes, 2nd: Kylie Konyn , 3rd: Rachel Mancebo

Dairy Bowl Written Exam High Scores: 

Novice Division:
1st: William Gilardi, 2nd: Arie Prins, 3rd (Tie): Frankie Fernandes, Maddie Fernandes, Lindsay Elmer, 4th: (Tie)Joey Spina, Emma van Loben Sels, Delainee Fernandes, 5th: Jon Chapman
Junior Division:
1st: Hayley Fernandes, 2nd: MacKenzie Elmer, 3rd: Abbi Prins,  4th: Jacob Fernandes 5th: Samantha Gambonini
Senior Division:
(l-r) 1st:  Alexandra  Gambonini, 2nd: Kiara Gilardi, 3rd: Hannah Mancebo, 4th: Siana Barrett, 5th: Karleen Lopez

Dairy Bowl Champion Teams:

Novice Division:  South San Joaquin: Maddie Fernandes, Delainee Fernandes, Frankie Fernandes, Arie Prins

Junior Division:  South San Joaquin: Hayley Fernandes, Kyler Amaral, Jocob Fernandes, Abbi Prins

Senior Division:
Hannah Young, Alex Gambonini,
Hayden Costa, Siana Barrett

Folding Display Contest

 Junior Division: 1st Place- Siana Barret
2nd Place- Ross Neles, 3rd Place- Delainee Fernandes
Intermediate Division:  1st Place- MacKenzie Elmer

Dairy Jeopardy Contest:

Junior Jeopardy Winners:
1st- Hannah Mancebo, 2nd- Siana Barrett,
3rd- (tie) Jacob Fernandes, Kylie Konyn, 4th- Tyler Dunn
Intermediate Jeopardy Winners:
1st- Alex Gambonini, 2nd- Hayley Fernandes, 3rd- Kiara Gilardi,
4th-MacKenzie Elmer

Congratulations to ALL of the convention participants on their hard work and involvement! 
~ from your advisors  Kirsten  &  Kate

CJHA member success stories

Thanks to these juniors who participated in the 2015 Junior Planning Conference on November 7th at
John's Incredible Pizza in Modesto

** Four of our members represted CA in the National
4-H Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo in October-
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish!

Hannah Young, Alex Gambonini,
 Deena Migliazzo and Connie Jones


**Congratulations to CA native Vincent Migliazzo (now at school and judging with University of Minnesota) on earning High Individual in the Collegiate Judging Contest!!

**Congratulations to the CA State Fair Champion Challenge Dairy Exhibitor winners Alex Gambonini and Ellorine Carle!

2015 Cow Camp

Thank you to Fresno State University for hosting this year's Cow Camp! 

Also a huge thank you to Taylor Pires and Eric Migliazzo for helping to organize the event.  They enjoyed Cow Camps as junior members, now are giving back to the club as advisors!

2014 Junior Planning Conference
 at John's Incredible Pizza, November 1st


2014 Cow Camp

was held July 1-3 at Cal Poly, SLO

cow camp group at dairy
Sincere thank you to the Cal Poly Dairy Department for hosting us,
and organizing some great educational  activities!




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