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2014 CA State Holstein Convention Results

California Junior Holstein members had a great time at the 2014 State Holstein Convention, hosted by the Merced County Holstein Club January 30- February 1 in Monterey
* Convention started off on Thursday with interviews for numerous scholarships, and the Breeder of the Future Awards, followed by the Prepared Public Speaking Contest, dairy bowl written exam and business meeting.
* Thursday evening Host Night was an exciting visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, enjoyed as a unique venue for the State Sale.
* Friday featured the competitive Dairy Bowl Contest, with teams representing Merced County, Redwood Empire Holstein Club, and South San Joaquin Holstein Club.  Dairy Jeopardy competition was also held on Friday afternoon.
*Saturday concluded the convention an Awards Ceremony

The following scholarships and awards were presented at the Annual Senior Banquet on Friday evening, recognizing outstanding Junior Members:


Cortney Borba Memorial Scholarships

Alison Sherman, Tony Lopes


Milli Rollin Memorial Scholarships

 Colleen Allen, Frankie Gambonini


Earl Graham Memorial Scholarship

Eric Migliazzo


Wilbur Gomes Memorial Scholarship

Tony Lopes


Founder's Scholarships:

Katie Migliazzo, Frankie Gambonini


World Wide Sires Scholarships:

Colleen Allen, Caitlin Lopes, Vincent Migliazzo, Tony Lopes


Breeder of the Future Girl: Carly Olufs

At the Junior Awards ceremony, numerous awards and contest winners were presented. 

Junior Association Scholarships

Caitlin Lopes, Toni Silva, Alison Sherman, Vincent Migliazzo

Dairy Bowl Scholarships

Ellorine Carle, Colleen Allen, Tony Lopes, Caitlin Lopes

Tony Lopes also received the  Premier Junior Scholarship

Herd Achievement Awards:

Lifetime Production Award: cow owned by Frankie Gambonini
Progressive Breeder Stars: Alex Gambonini (2), Hannah Van Dyk (2), Samantha Gambonini
30,000 lb. Cow Award: Samantha Gambonini
Junior Breeder of an Excellent: Hannah Van Dyk

Young Breeder of the Future Girl: Annie Neles



Speech Contest Winners:

1st Place Intermediate Division was won by Tony Lopes
 1st Place in the Junior Division was a tie with Rachel Mancebo and Hayley Fernandes

Dairy Bowl Written Exam High Scores: 

Novice Division:

1st- tie- Eva Van Dyk and Sianna Barrett; 2nd-Jacob Fernandes 3rd-Grace Wilbur; 4th-tie-Tyler Dunn, and Rachel Mancebo;
5th-tie- Kylie Konyn and Deven Silveira
Junior Division:

1st-Macey Pearson, 2nd-Hayley Fernandes, 3rd- Hannah Mancebo,
4th- Abbi Prins, 5th- Luke Van Dyk
Senior Division:

1st- tie-Alex Gambonini, Kiara Gilardi and Hannah Van Dyk; 2nd-tie-Colleen Allen and Frankie Gambonini; 3rd-tie- Elise Regusci and Eli Warner; 5th- Ellorine Carle

Dairy Bowl Champion Teams:

Novice Division:  South San Joaquin: Jacob Fernandes, Tyler Dunn, Grace Wilbur, Eva Van Dyk

Junior Division:  South San Joaquin #2: Hayley Fernandes,
Abbi Prins, Matthew Rosa, Tanner Vitorino

Senior Division:
Merecd: Colleen Allen, Bailey Allen,
Hannah Young, Kiara Gilardi

Folding Display Contest

 Junior Division: 1st Place- Siana Barret
2nd Place- Lucas Cheda


Dairy Jeopardy Contest:

Junior Jeopardy Winners:
1st- Hayley Fernandes, 2nd- Siana Barrett, 3rd- Hannah Mancebo,
4th-Jacob Fernandes, 5th- Eva Van Dyk
Intermediate Jeopardy Winners:
1st- Alex Gambonini, 2nd- Hayden Costa, 3rd Kiara Gilardi, 4th-Macey Pearson, 5th- Hannah Van Dyk

Congratulations to ALL of the convention participants on their hard work and involvement! 
~ from your advisors  Kirsten  &  Kate







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