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Thank you to the Merced County Holstein Club for hosting a great 

2014 California State Holstein Convention!

At the annual Senior Banquet, two prestigious awards were presented to members.  Congratulations to the
2014 Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year, Ron Pietersma of Legend Dairy Farms.

Aslo, congratulations to

A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year
recipient, Stephen Mast.


2014 State Convention Sale

Held January 24th at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, 40 lots averaged $49,300.  High seller was a first choice Man-o-shan from Larcrest Cale VG-89 consigned by Larcrest Holsteins and purchased by Hilmar Holsteins for 16,000. The second high seller was a red Colt-45 from a red Larson from Ms Candy Apple Red EX-94 consigned by Frank and Carol Borba and Frank and Diane Borba and purchased by Vermelhia Genetics for 12,000. 
The Merced Holstein club would like to thank all the support of the consignors, buyers and all the people that helped to make the sale such an overwhelming success!!

World Dairy Expo 2014
Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at WDE!

Klussendorf Memorial Award
Gilbert Teixeira recieved this prestigious award- the highest recognition given to a dairy showperson in the United States- recognizing ability, sportsmanship, and character.

*photo by Ryan Ebert, Hoard's Dairyman

International Junior Holstein Show
Fall Calf

8. Eastwest LJ Destry McIntosh-ET; Alana McKinven, Amelie & Charlotte Borba
Senior 2 Year Old
7. Butlerview Gold Bailey; Christian Cunningham
Junior 3 Year Old
6-R-John Atwood Aspire; Christian Cunningham

International Red & White Show
Summer Yearl
1. Our-Favorite Rlner Truth-Red; Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
Senior 2 Year Old
3. Canyon-Breeze R Dew-Red; Gil-Tex Holsteins, Frank & Diane Borba
2. Critter-Ridge Reba-Red; Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
5. Pualo-Bro SP Shari-Red; Christian Cunningham

International Holstein Show
Winter Calf

10. MsAriannas Door Abbie; Borba, Borba & Durrer
Summer Yearling
2. Comestar Hodree Goldwyn-ET; Triple-T, Heath, Van Exel
Spring Yearling
2. Budjon Advn Awakening; Frank & Diane Borba, Budjon, Vail
9. Hez Goldchip Hillary; Amanda Kennedy, Frank & Diane Borba

Winter Yearling
2. Wabash Way Braxton Twinkle; Hill, Frank & Diane Borba, George Morasci
Junior 2 Year Old
10. Ladies-Run Katalina; Teixeira, Branco, Almeida, Binder
4 Year Old
8. BVK Atwood Arianna; Butler, Borba, Ponderosa

Thank you to our
Sponsors of the Wine & Cheese Social at World Dairy Expo
Gil-Tex Holsteins, Hilmar Cheese Company, Ruann Dairy

Congratulations to the Juniors who represented CA
at the National Holstein Convention in various contests

National Champion Junior Dairy Bowl Team:
Macey Pearson, Hayden Costa, Hannah Mancebo, Siana Barrett
National Reserve Champion Senior Dairy Bowl Team:
Kiara Gilardi, Bailey Allen, Hannah Van Dyk, Frankie Gambonini
1st Place Junior Dairy Jeopardy- Hayley Fernandes
Jeopardy Contestants:
Jacob Fernandes, Clayton Arntz, Alex Gambonini, Ellorine Carle,
Colleen Allen, Rachel Mancebo, Luke Van Dyk

Held at the Turlock Fairgrounds on April 24th & 25th, with Brian Carscadden officiating. 
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors on a tremendous show! 
All pictures and placings provided by HolsteinWorld can be found on www.dairyshowsonline.com


Junior Champion Open Show: Budjon-JK Advt Awakening (Spring Yearling) Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba, Budjon & Vail
Reserve Junior Champion:
Dinomi G-Chip May 9609 (Winter Yearling) Vincent & Deena Migliazzo

Junior Champion Junior Show:
Dinomi G-Chip May 9609 (Winter Yearling)
Vincent & Deena Migliazzo
Reserve Junior Champion: Ernest-Anthony GS Tamera (Spring Yearling)
Randy, Jason, David Edwards

Intermediate Champion: R-John Sanchez Avril (Sr. 3) Exels Holsteins
Reserve Intermediate Champion: Oakfield Dempsey Rasta (Jr. 2) Rebekah Mast

Intermediate Champion Junior Show: Butlerview Gold Bailer (Sr.2) Christian Cunningham
Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show: Sildahl-Arjas Published (Sr.3) Bobby Marchy

Senior and Grand Champion Open Show, Best Bred & Owned & Best Udder of Show:
Mi-Sha Dundee Molly (Aged Cow), Air-Osa Dairy & Mike Hay
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Open Show: Fleury Goldwyn Catou (4 Year Old) Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor, 1st Best 3 Females: Airosa Dairy

Senior and Grand Champion Junior Show: Ilander Baxter Alice (4 Year Old) Tony Garcia, Jr.
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show: Gleneil Mr Samuelo Bo Doll (125,000 lb) Michael Davis

Premier Breeder Junior Show: Tony Garcia Jr., Samantha Gambonini, Alexandra Gambonini
Premier Exhibitor Junior Show: Destinee Leonardo

40th Annual California Holstein Futurity

1st place: Air-Osa Jeeves 14414, Airosa Dairy
2nd Place: Ruann Lassit Kingpin 1009, Ruann Dairy
3rd Place: Ms Giltex Sanchez Liz, Giltex Holsteins, Kronberg, Melvold

2014 California State Red & White Show

Junior Champion Red & White Show: Calori-D Ladd Lulu P-Red (Winter Yrlg) Calori-D Holsteins
Reserve Junior Champion Red & White Show: Our-Favorite Rlnr Truth-Red (Summer Yrlg)
Frank & Diane Borba, Frank & Carol Borba

Intermediate Champion: Scientific Pico Doll-Red (Sr. 2) Elise Regusci
Reserve Intermediate Champion : Paulo-Bro-Sp Deuc Sasha-Red (Sr. 3) Tyler Dunn

Senior and Grand Champion Red & White Show:
Paulo-Bro SP Shari-Red (5 Year Old) Christian Cunningham
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Red & White Show:
Miss RJ Tex Lydon Cassy-Red (4 Year Old) Jarrett Zonneveld

California Showcase Sale
was held in conjunction with the State Show, on Wednesday evening.
The sale was hosted by No-Limit Holsteins~ Leo & Chris Durrer and Frank & Diane Borba,
and Gil-Tex Holsteins.  68 Lots averaged $3550. High seller was the choice of 5 Atwood preganancies due in September from Ms Candy Apple-Red, the 2x Unanimous All-American.  This consignment of Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba was puchased by Farnear Holsteins.  2nd high seller was a March yearling Numero Uno from VG-87 2yr Altachairman daughter of Regancrest Belara.  She was consigned by Durrer Dairy and MB LuckyLady Farm, and purchased by Lorita Holsteins.

 The 3rd Annual Western Classic Junior Dairy Show
was a great success! Congratulations to all involved.  The show was held March
 1st & 2nd 2014 at the Kings County Fair Grounds in Hanford.
Judge: Tim Baumgartner, Oakdale, CA

Show Summary:
104 Registered Holsteins, 52 Grade Holsteins, 40 Registered AOB, 33 Grade AOB
Total Animals Shown: 229132 Exhibitors   116 participants in Showmanship

Registered Holsteins
Junior Champion
 1st Place Winter Yearling – Giltex Atwood Alexis-ET    Exhibited by Brandon Almeida, Hilmar
Reserve Junior Champion
 2nd Place Winter Yearling – Hez Heztry Mira    Exhibited by David Edwards, Hilmar
Senior & Grand Champion
 1st Place 4 Yr Old – Ilander Bxter Alice 315-ET   Exhibited by Tony Garcia, Modesto
Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
1st Place 5 Yr Old- REW Final Cut Bey 16222-et Exhibited by Garrison Fernandes, Tulare                   

 Grade Holsteins
Junior Champion: 1st Place Spring Yearling - Exhibited by Brad Hudson, Bakersfield
Reserve Junior Champion: 1st Place Winter Yearling - Exhibited by Anna Andrews, Bakersfield
Senior & Grand Champion: 1st Place 5 Year Old Cow - Exhibited by Marissa Soares, Hilmar
Reserve Grand Champion: 1st Place Junior 3 Year Old Cow - Exhibited by Tony Garcia, Modesto

Novice Division (13 Participants)
1st Place: Frankie Fernandes, Tulare 2nd Place: Hartley Silva, Modesto 3rd Place: Alexis Diniz, Bakersfield
Junior Division (26 Participants)
1st Place: Kassidy Sheldon, Hanford 2nd Place: Tyler Dunn, Hanford 3rd Place: Max Van Beek, Tulare
Intermediate Division (41 Participants)
1st Place: Hayden Costa, Hanford 2nd Place: Macey Brock Pearson, Hanford 3rd Place: Luke Van Dyk, Tulare
Senior Division (20 Participants)
1st Place: Courtney Faria, Tulare 2nd Place: Randy Edwards, Hilmar 3rd Place: Hannah Van Dyk, Tulare

The Pinnacle of Paulo-Bro and Guests Sale

Congratulations to all involved, on a successful sale!

High Seller at $9,300 was Lot 17, consigned by Jim Bos.  This red March Hvezda out of an Ex-92 Advent daughter of
Lylehaven Form Laura EX-94 was purchased by Cort James Rowley.

Next high seller was Lot 1, the EX-92 Advent daughter of Budjon Redmarker Shar EX-94.  For $7,300 she was purchased by John Cunningham and Mike Hay from consignor Macey Pearson.

World Dairy Expo 2013
Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at WDE!

International Junior Holstein Show
Junior 2-year-old

5. R-John Atwood Aspire-ET (Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood), Rocco Cunningham

International Red & White Show

1st Senior 2-year-old  and Reserve Intermediate Champion
Lookout Elmbridge Lady Rouge (Scientific Director-Red), Lookout, Elmbridge, Frank & Diane Borba, Pat Conroy & George Morasci
1st 5-year-old Honorable Mention Senior & Grand Champion, Best Udder of Show
 Ms Candy Apple-Red-ET (Ladino Park Talent-IMP-ET), Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba
Fall Calf

7. New-Star Barbwire Prize-Red (Hylite Barbwire-Red), Rocco Cunningham & Sutton Paulson

Summer Yearl
10. Lookout Elmbridge Lil Red (Charpentier LFG Spectrum), Lookout, Elmbridge and Frank & Diane Borba
Fall Yearling
3. Budjon-Vail Damaris-Red-ET (MD-Valleyvue Camden-Red), Frank & Diane Borba
Yearling in Milk
5. Scientific Pico Doll-Red-ET (La Presentation Picolo-Red), John Paul, Elise and Elisabeth Regusci
2. Elmbridge Lookout Lady in Red (KHW Kite Advent-Red), Lookout, Elmbridge, Frank & Diane Borba
5. Androscoggin-I Redlight-Red-ET (KHW Kite Advent-Red), Triple-T Holsteins and Henry & Carolyn Van Exel

International Holstein Show
Summer Yearling

6. R-John Aftershock Dana (Ms Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET), Henry & Carolyn Van Exel and St. Jacobs
7. Ladies-Run Katalina (Maple-Downs-I GW Awood-ET), Robert Texieira, Brandon Almeida, Joey Branco
8. Milksource G Chip Jackie (Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET), Lookout, Blair Weeks and Frank & Diane Borba
Spring Yearling
5. Hammertime Windbrook Reno (Gillette Windbrook), Nick & Jessica Sarbacker and Matthew & Lauren Evangelo
Winter Yearling
5. Budjon-JK Glaz-Way Erin-ET (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET), Budjon Farms, Glaz-Way and MB Lucky Lady
7. Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET), Jeff Butler, C&P Shedd & Frank & Diane Borba

Yearling in Milk
5. Phoenixholm Attic Montana (Allyndale-I Attic), Lookout, Gerald Halbach, Diane & Frank Borba, Dueppengiesser,

Thank you to our
Sponsors of the Wine & Cheese Social at World Dairy Expo
Gil-Tex Holsteins, Hilmar Cheese Company, Ruann Dairy


2013 California State Fair

Held Monday, July 22 in Sacramento, with Chris Lahmers of Marysville, Ohio officiating.

Open Show Junior Champion & Supreme Junior Champion: Oakfield Dempsey Rasta-ET, Calori-D Holsteins
Reserve Junior Champion: Plum-Line Advent Gem, Jason Edwards
Senior and Grand Champion, and Supreme Champion: Air-Osa Redbull 12417, Joey Airosa
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion: Ilander Baxter Alice 315-ET, Tony Garcia
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Airosa Dairy

Junior Show Junior Champion: Plum-Line Advent Gem, Jason Edwards
Reserve Junior Champion: Hez Atwood Hedda-ET, Anthony Pacheco
Senior and Grand Champion:  Ilander Baxter Alice 315-ET, Tony Garcia
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion:Jacobi Agresti Kristen, Cole Marchy


Congratulations to CA exhibitors on their success at the recent
Western Spring National Holstein Show!


Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion & Best Bred & Owned of Show

1st 4 Year Old: Air-Osa Redbull 12417 (KHW Redbull), Airosa Dairy
Fall Calf

4th:. Will-Tattoo Des Tinsley-ET (Scientific Destry-ET), Adam & Lacey Van Exel and Will & Amy Iager 

Summer Yearling

1st: R-John Aftershock Dana (Ms Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET), Hank & Carolyn Van Exel 

Spring Yearling

3rd: Oakfield Dempsey Rasta (Lirr Drew Dempsey), Rebekah Mast
5th: Ocean-View Braxton Zamora (Regancrest S Braxton-ET), Hank & Carolyn Van Exel and Jarett & Sarah Zonneveld 

Junior 2-Year-Old

2nd: R-John Atwood Aspire- ET (Maple-Downs-I  G W Atwood-ET), Rocco Cunningham 
Senior 3-Year-Old
3rd: Air-Osa San Hezbollah 13319 (Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez), Airosa Dairy 

Aged Cow

2. Air-Osa Champion 11225 (Calbrett-I HH Champion-ET), Airosa Dairy 
Senior Best Three Females
: Airosa Dairy



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